English-Speaking Therapists in Tokyo in 2021

English-Speaking Therapists in Tokyo in 2021

During stressful times, knowing where to go for help is crucial. This article covers the most well-known and trusted options for English-speaking therapists in Tokyo in 2021 and other available mental wellness options. 

Over the last year, many have struggled to cope with pandemic lockdowns and looming economic uncertainty. For foreigners in Japan, the struggle is compounded by the trials of living abroad and a lack of English-speaking support options. 

What follows is a list of English-speaking therapists and other mental wellness options in Tokyo, selected based on word-of-mouth referrals, Google reviews, and other established online review forums. 

Note: A visit to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and a prescription is covered by Japanese health insurance. However, psychotherapy and counseling are not covered by Japanese health insurance. We advise finding out the cost before you go for your first appointment. 

Free English-speaking call hotline

TELL Lifeline

For the past 47 years TELL Lifeline has provided free call-in support for English speakers across Japan. For those struggling with daily life, work life, or family matters, their free counseling provides confidential support and guidance toward further English-speaking resources. They state, "You don't have to be suicidal to reach out. Whatever is troubling you, we are here to listen." Aside from their free hotline service, TELL also provides counseling services for individuals, couples, and families at a fee (a service which is separate from their hotline). Check here for rates. 

TELL Lifeline: 03-5774-0992

TELL counseling inquiries: 03-4550-1146 (English)

English-speaking psychologists and counselors in Tokyo

Tokyo Mental Health

A highly rated therapy office with psychologists and accredited counselors who are focused on providing mental wellness therapy to the foreign community in Tokyo. The therapy office is led by Dr. Andrew Kissane, the only English-speaking psychiatrist in Japan specifically licensed by the Ministry of Welfare to treat foreign nationals. Dr. Kissane holds a Japanese medical license, along with his UK medical license. Many on-call psychologists here offer treatment for anxiety disorders, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, psychosis, and more. Tokyo Mental Health has an established reputation as one of the best options for English-speaking therapists in Tokyo in 2021. Note: This office does not accept Japanese National Health Insurance. 


Email: Contact Form

English-speaking psychiatry clinic in Mejiro

Mejiro SOLA Clinic

Dr. Yuko Matsunaga is the lead doctor at this English-speaking clinic that focuses on psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine. Highly rated on Google places and other online forums, this bilingual therapy office provides French support on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Aside from psychotherapy, they can provide you with a diagnosis letter (shindansho) and an opinion letter (ikensho) as requested (a separate fee will be required). All sessions can be conducted in English or Japanese. For some other languages, counseling through an interpreter may be available. Please inquire directly. 


Tel: 03-5906-5092

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English-speaking hospital with psychiatry ward in Gotanda

NTT East Hospital

This hospital in Gotanda is certified by the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP) as fully capable of providing care for foreigners. It has an English-language website and staff who speak English, along with interpreters. For those who arrive without a referral, the first visit will cost an additional ¥5,000. NTT East Hospital's psychiatry ward provides in-patient treatment, along with diagnosis and prescriptions as needed. Long wait times are standard at this hospital, and the hospital website recommends that you make an appointment if you wish to be seen. 


Phone: (03)3448-6111 (main switchboard in Japanese)

Mental health clinic in Kannai, Yokohama

Parkside Shibata Mental Clinic

While not directly in Tokyo, this one is worth a mention: Parkside Shibata Mental Health Clinic in Kannai, Yokohama, provides comprehensive psychiatric outpatient service in English. Dr. Shibata offers treatment and appropriate medication for acute psychosis, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, eating disorders, social phobias, dementia, and other disorders. A first-time session is approx. ¥16,000. The rate drops to ¥8,000 from the second session onward. 


Phone: 045-222-0338

Directory of English-speaking mental health professionals

For those who are outside of Tokyo, the International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ) directory lists mental health professionals who are providing services to the foreign community in Japan. Using the IMHPJ directory, you can target your search for the therapy type you are interested in. There are a range of languages on offer outside of English and Japanese, such as French and Spanish. However, one drawback is the lack of reviews for each therapist, making it difficult to know what type of experience past users have had.

Online counseling sessions via apps 

Services like Better Help and Talkspace provide a means to search for and find licensed therapists trained in specific disciplines and approaches to meet various conditions. These subscription-based services are set up so that you can pick a therapist and easily switch if the first choice is not a good match. Talkspace starts at approx. $65 per week and BetterHelp at approx. $80 per week. Both services offer a range of contact options with your therapist, so choosing between the two services may depend on whether you want daily contact or if once a week will suffice. 

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