If I upload my personal information, how does TokyoMate keep my data secure?

We only use the most advanced adaptive hashing, secure network with SSL, and heavy-duty VPN to protect your data. Your credit card information is kept secure with Stripe—renowned as one of the world’s safest payment platforms.

Is it complicated to use?

No, it’s straightforward to use. Simply redirect your mail to your TokyoMate address, then relax, knowing we’ll sort, digitize, and translate all your mail for you. Once you’re set-up, it’s simple to arrange for TokyoMate to pay your bills, too. In fact, it only takes a single click.

I don’t want to miss important mail. Can TokyoMate provide reliable service?

Absolutely. Our team includes expert server engineers who maintain TokyoMate’s secure servers. They ensure the correct systems are in place, updated, and maintained, so your TokyoMate experience is always smooth and stable.

Does MailMate store my physical mail?

According to postal law in Japan, we’ll store any mail we received on your behalf for 7 years. It will remain securely stored in a locked safe in a private, guarded location in Azabu-juban. However, if you’d prefer, we can shred your mail for you. Just let us know.

How do I redirect my mail to a new address?

Where possible, we can arrange for your mail to be redirected to you. However, for certain accounts, verification is required. In such cases, we’ll be happy to support you as a third-party in any calls, making the switch quick, easy, and stress-free. In addition to that, we will send you a monthly envelope as requested, where you can put all the mail. Put that in the post, and then we will digitize your mail for you.

How much is it to use TokyoMate? From what point should I pay, and how?

Please check our Pricing Page here for more information on pricing and what’s available with each plan.