TokyoMate Reviews: You Tell Us How We’re Doing

TokyoMate Reviews: You Tell Us How We’re Doing

Your feedback brightened our day! (We don’t mind admitting that at all.)

We aim to provide legendary customer service and 5-star interactions at each turn. And based on the TokyoMate reviews you’ve given—you’re really happy with our Assistant + Mail services. 

We’re proud of what we’ve managed to do since our founding in 2020. And we’re excited about what the future holds because there’s so much more we want to do to make it easier for you to live, work, and do business in Japan.

Here are some of the 5-star reviews from our happy TokyoMate clients below: 

“Research + complex interactions in Japanese.”

TokyoMate's virtual assistant immediately became an indispensable resource I could rely on to help with different tasks, especially ones requiring thorough research or more complex interactions in Japanese. My assistant successfully helped me with: 

  • filing an insurance claim, 

  • locating two highly-rated local contractors, 

  • snagging a last-minute reservation at an in-demand restaurant, 

  • and even finding the perfect gift for a special occasion. 

And she handled all of these (and many more tasks) with a memorable briskness and friendliness. 

—Todd S., Vice President of a Technology Company 

“Makes living overseas in Japan easier and more enjoyable.”

TokyoMate has already saved me countless headaches. My assistant saves me time and makes living overseas in Japan easier and more enjoyable. I highly recommend this service! 

—Tim Montoya, Account Executive at UXPin

“Really useful for following up with clients.”

Having a virtual assistant is really useful for following up with clients. Especially in these uncertain economic conditions, independent business owners may feel pressured to go from project to project without time to focus on follow-up. … It was really useful to have a bilingual VA with experience in both Japanese and overseas business communications to help me follow up with past clients...

—Sara Jean, Consultant at Delta International

“Building content for my recently launched Japanese website.”

TokyoMate exceeded my early expectations in being able to think outside the box, not relying on word for word translation. [They] impressed in completing various tasks with an attention to detail for marketing-minded needs and assisted me in building content for my recently launched Japanese website + gaining the necessary licenses I need to conduct business effectively in Japan.

—Luke Bridgford, Agency Director at Experis Executive and founder of Overland Campers Japan

“Translating critical documents for permanent residency status and helping with market research and product pricing for my job.”

TokyoMate has been a dream to work with. Since joining 2 weeks ago, my VA has supported me on translating critical documents for permanent residency status and helping with market research and product pricing for my job, two critical areas I absolutely could not have done alone in my busy schedule. Additionally, my VA has supported on restaurant bookings for business lunches and helping with the everyday headaches that come with being an expat in a foreign country, such as tax filing and document registration with my local ward office. Having a trusted source I can turn to for the little things I’d be too embarrassed to ask a friend or colleague for is an absolute godsend, and now that I’ve begun working with TokyoMate I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it. Cannot recommend highly enough.  

—Manager, Major Consumer Electronics Company 

“More time for my family. Would highly recommend.”

TokyoMate doesn't sell virtual assistants—TokyoMate sells peace of mind. TokyoMate lets me focus on the key tasks that move my business forward and avoid the ones that don't. It means more time to think, more time to create, and more time for my family. Would highly recommend. 

—Daniel Maggs, Co-founder & CEO of Bisu

“My mail is making it to me in South Korea regularly and securely.”

After spending 10 years based in Tokyo as an expat you accumulate a lot of correspondence which doesn’t go away the minute you leave. Thanks to TokyoMate bringing this service (finally) to Japan, it was a worry I crossed off my list. The process is simple, online, and offers various levels of service so you have choices. My mail is making it to me in South Korea regularly and securely.

—Paul Hardisty, President & Representative Director, Sports Footwear & Apparel Industry

“Assistant with … a background and experience in clinic work.”

It is unusual to find a bilingual secretary with a background and experience in clinic work. The assistant is very proactive and eager to take on tasks quickly. I highly recommend this service!

—CEO, Pharmaceutical Industry 

“Timely, creative, and effective support.”

Your service exceeded our expectations for a virtual assistant in every way. The fact that she is “virtual” had zero impact on her ability to provide timely, creative, and effective support. Overall, the experience has been fantastic and it’s great to know we have such a capable, professional, and personable assistant standing by to support us as we grow our business here in Japan.

—CEO, Staffing and Recruitment Agency

“Translations exceeded my expectations.”

I found your service to be fast, reliable and easy to use. The assistant I interacted with was courteous and professional, and her translations exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend TokyoMate to others.

—Andrew Homer, Principal Consultant at ICL Consulting

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