Where to Get English-Friendly Yoga in Tokyo

Where to Get English-Friendly Yoga in Tokyo

From establishing a mindfulness practice to relieving anxiety and improving muscle tone, yoga’s benefits are manifold. If you have been curious about options for English-friendly yoga in Tokyo, we have a selection for you.  

According to Yoga Room, a nationwide registry of yoga studios in Japan, there are 1,838 yoga studios in Tokyo alone. While having a range of choices is always welcome, conversely, it can deepen the difficulty of selecting a yoga studio to try out. When making your choice, try viewing the selection process as an exploration, which can help you overcome procrastination that could prevent you from starting. 

One note of precaution: consider what type of safeguards studios are taking to prevent COVID-19’s inadvertent spread. Many yoga studios and gyms require temperature checks before entry and the use of masks in specific settings. To understand which studio is taking the precautions that you feel are acceptable, make sure to refer to each studio’s website. 

Most—if not all—studios have developed protocols for checking on their staff and instructors’ health. Look to the yoga studio’s official websites to learn of these precautions and health guidelines for attendees. 

Several studios are also offering alternative options, such as Zoom sessions or private or outdoor sessions, which may better suit your risk tolerance level.

Ready to start exploring your options? Here is our handy guide to great English-friendly yoga studios in Tokyo.

Tokyo’s international yoga studio in Hiroo

Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree

A 1-minute walk from Hiroo Station, Yoga Tree sits in the center of the international community in Minato. Daily classes are given in English and Japanese, with a particular focus on yoga postures for improving one’s health, strength, balance, and mobility. Other notable classes include restorative yoga, Iyengar yoga, core strength yoga, mindfulness yoga, and a session for just stretching and relaxing. Classes must be reserved online before arrival at the studio, and first-timers will need to create an account before making their first reservation. Prices range from ¥3,000 to start, and ¥12,000 for 5 class tickets. Online sessions are also available. 


Easy-to-book yoga classes, with an all-English booking form, in Shinagawa

Sun & Moon Yoga

Sun and Moon Yoga

This yoga studio requires reservations for online classes (¥2,000) and in-person attendance (¥3,000) to regulate the number of people attending their yoga classes. The booking form shows you the upcoming class schedule, the language the class will be in, and the type of yoga taught, providing you with enough information to reserve your spot. Initial registration is required before booking a class spot, but the instructions for how to do so are all in English, so the process is straightforward.  


A bright, airy yoga studio located within a green oasis in Hiroo

MINT MAT Yoga Studio

MINT MAT Yoga Studio

MINT MAT Yoga Studio is a studio located in Hiroo, Tokyo. The studio is located a 3-minute walk from Hiroo station, tucked away in a quiet street, surrounded by green, giving students a scenic view, a true oasis in the middle of metropolitan Tokyo! Both English and Japanese group classes are available throughout the week and private classes are also offered for those who want to deepen their asana or meditation practice. Trial group class is offered at ¥2,500 (including mat rentals) and private classes are offered from ¥12,000.


An elite yoga school, a 2-minute walk from Yoyogi Station

Under the Light Yoga School 

Under The Light Yoga

Established in 2006, this yoga school provides extensive courses for those who wish to have structure as they develop a serious practice. Their instructors include Yoga Alliance graduates, and English instruction is available when needed. Although classes are primarily given in Japanese, Instructor Kranti’s class is mainly in English. Drop-in classes are ¥3,000, and other pricing options are available if you register as a member or purchase multiple class tickets in advance. Classes include Ashtanga yoga, Sivananda yoga, Hatha for meditation, Zen yoga for meditation, and more. 



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A calm yoga oasis in the heart of Akasaka

Nami Yoga Studio

Nami Yoga

This studio in Akasaka Mitsuke has several instructors and provides individual classes and group instruction that are Hatha-based. Prices start at ¥1,500 for 30 minutes and ¥3,000 for an hour. Special pricing plans are available, such as an ¥18,000/mo Unlimited Pass if you sign up for a year. Nami Yoga Studio also offers Vinyasa flow classes, yoga for kids, yoga for corporate groups, and classes focused on breath work and meditation. 


An English-speaking yoga instructor with classes in Omotesando 

Yoga in English with Tom

Yoga with Tom in English

Raised in Chicago, Tom provides Ashtanga, Bikram, and Hatha yoga instruction in English and Japanese. He focuses on reducing stress and helping practitioners develop mindfulness and learn to relax during his yoga classes. Group classes in English and Japanese (¥1,760) are taught at the International Yoga Center in Omotesando on Friday and Sundays. Private lessons (from ¥8,000) can be booked and taught at your home or hotel. And if you want to give your employees a mini-mindfulness boost, he also provides sessions for corporate groups. 


An international yoga studio near Jinbocho’s famous bookstore street 

International Yoga Center, Jinbocho Studio

IYC Jimbocho

While known for its used bookstores and universities, Jinbocho is also home to the Jinbocho branch of the IYC (International Yoga Center), which has locations throughout downtown Tokyo. The Jinbocho studio provides classes (¥3,300) in English and Japanese, and some classes are given in French, Russian, or Korean, depending on the class instructor. No reservations are needed, and you can drop in at any time for a class. However, doors close when they reach a set limit.  


Yoga for kids in English, online or in-group, in Ogikubo 

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is a Japanese yoga studio, but some of their instructors can speak English. This studio is very family-centric, focusing on yoga for children, parents, and soon-to-be mothers; males are asked to be accompanied by a female friend or female relation. Beyond Yoga offers a yoga class for kids in English. So if you have been looking for yoga instruction for your child, this is one option for you. Kids’ English yoga sessions are also available online. The studio offers a variety of other classes for children, including simple gymnastics and parent-child yoga. For in-person classes, prices range from ¥1,500 to ¥5,000. Their website is in Japanese, so get our TokyoMate Assistant to help you find out more. 


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