Japan's gBizID: What It Is, Why It Matters, What to Do

Japan's gBizID: What It Is, Why It Matters, What to Do

gBiz is an account service created by Japan's central government available to corporations and sole proprietors, allowing you to log in to various government services with a single ID and password.

Corporations and sole proprietors can apply for a gBizID through the steps outlined in this article—thereby gaining access to jGrants, METI's subsidy application site. 

What follows is a quick overview of the benefits of the gBiz system, the types of services you have access to with this account, and a step-by-step of how your business can get a gBizID.

A quick overview of the gBiz system

In 2020, the government implemented the gBiz system enabling corporations and sole proprietors to access multiple government programs from one account. The purpose: eliminating repeated submissions of documents required for verification.

Currently, it is not mandatory for corporations to have a gBizID. However, as more government processes become digitized, the more convenient it will be to have one. 

Case in point, if your business desires to apply for a subsidy online, then having a gBizID is a prerequisite because certain subsidies (such as those via jGrants) are no longer available to apply for in person at an office—and now must be applied for online. 

The gBiz system provides users with access to a growing number of government programs from one account and is part of the government's larger push toward digitization and reducing paperwork. 

With a gBizID, businesses no longer need to affix seals on documents and can complete procedures, such as subsidy applications, without exchanging paper documents.

The initial verification of your account takes some time, as it serves as a pre-check by the government to ensure that you are who you say you are. But, in the long run, having a gBizID will speed things up for you when applying to government programs. 

List of services that you can apply to with gBizID

At present, the following are the services that you can access with your gBizID. This list is expected to expand as the government focuses on implementing its digital agenda. 

According to the gBiz site, the government recommends all businesses obtain a gBizID as soon as possible. At present, there are no fees associated with getting a gBizID account.

The 3 types of gBizID accounts  

There are 3 types of gBizID accounts.

1. gBizID Entry

This is a basic account issued immediately by simply entering your email address and required information, minus the verification process. It is possible to create a gBizID Entry account first and then change it to a Prime account. (But Entry accounts are essentially non-verified accounts, so at some point, you'll want to switch to Prime.)

2. gBizID Prime

You must submit documents to create this account. In addition to the registration application form, you must also submit a seal registration certificate and add your representative's seal stamp to the form (personal seal for individuals). The verification process takes between two to three weeks to complete. Note: This article details the steps for applying for a gBizID Prime account. 

3. gBizID Member

This is an account for employees of corporations and businesses that already have a gBizID Prime account. Once your main Prime account is active, you can add employees to your account if you want your employees to prepare documents for submission to various programs.

What you will need to prepare for your gBizID Prime application

Before filling out the online application, make sure you have all of the following items ready. 

  1. Email address: This will be the email address you will use to log in after creating your ID.

  2. A smartphone or cell phone: To receive your one-time password via SMS.

  3. Printer: Necessary to print out the gBizID Prime application form.

  4. Original seal registration certificate within three months from the date of issue (for corporations: a certificate of seal impression issued by the Legal Affairs Bureau; for sole proprietors: seal registration certificate issued by the municipal government)

  5. Registered seal impression, stamped on form (if you are a corporation: representative's seal; if you are a sole proprietor: your personal seal)

Additionally, the following are the browsers compatible with the gBiz site: 


  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (latest version)

MacOS 10.14

  • Safari (latest version)

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

Step-by-step how to create your gBizID account

Here's a quick guide to creating a gBizID Prime account. 

Step 1. Gather required documents and items listed in the section prior. 

Step 2. Go to the gBizID site and fill out this online form (for a Prime account). 

Note: This form is only in Japanese. However, you can ask a TokyoMate Assistant to assist you with filling it out.

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Step 3. Once you have input all your information, at the very bottom of this online form, there is a field for you to enter a phone number where you will receive a one-time passcode once your account has been verified (see Step 8). Make sure this phone number is capable of receiving text messages. 

Step 4. Agree to terms (check box) and then click on the button at the bottom of the screen, 申請書作成. The next page will ask you to confirm your entries. Click OK. This will take you to a printout version of the form you have filled out. Print the document.

Step 5. Press your representative-registered seal on the document (or your personal registered seal, if you are a sole proprietor) and include today's date on the form. 

Step 6. Add the Certificate of Registered Seal (must be within 3 months of issued date to use) to the envelope. 

Step 7. Use the label provided in the papers you printed out, and then mail the envelope. Please affix a postage stamp before sending. 

Step 8. At present, the account verification process takes between 2 to 3 weeks. After the government has verified your account, you will receive an email to the email address registered to your account. Clicking the URL in this email will trigger a message to your registered phone number, providing you with a one-time password to use to log in to your newly created gBizID account. From here, create a new password to use when signing in. 

Congratulations! You're now a gBizID holder and can access an increasing number of government services through one unified account.

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