What Is a Virtual Mailbox Service in Japan? How to Benefit and What to Do

What Is a Virtual Mailbox Service in Japan? How to Benefit and What to Do

With teleworking here for the foreseeable future, Yahoo! Japan and several well-known startups are letting go of their pricey Tokyo leases (er, offices). 

So, if you’re in the mood to Marie-Kondo your office space too, you’re in good company! 

“But what about Japan's business regulations requiring a physical address listed on companies’ articles of incorporation?”

That’s a good question. In fact, did you know that virtual office addresses can be used for Japanese company incorporation? 

Plus, with accompanying virtual mail software, you get to banish Japanese-mail-dread with 1-click translation requests.  

Today, we’re looking at expats, entrepreneurs, and executives in Japan who use virtual mail software over office space and filing cabinets—and why you might want to consider the same. 

Case 1: The busy executive 

Stephen lives in Japan and wants all his mail digitized so he can forward mail to his lawyer, accountant, or virtual assistant. He wants to eliminate the time it takes for him to scan each piece of important-looking Japanese mail that comes to his home address.  

💡TokyoMate digitizes Stephen's mail for speedy forwarding (OCR scans) to the key members of his team, simplifying the process of getting accounting, translation, and legal assistance. 

Case 2: The entrepreneur

Hugh lives in Tochigi and wishes to set up a remote business with a ritzy Tokyo address. He wants to bypass high office leases and is looking for a virtual office address that he can use on his tokibo tohon and other documents for company incorporation. 

💡With TokyoMate Mail, Hugh gets a business address in Tokyo that he can use to incorporate his company and TokyoMate handles all his physical corporate correspondence—no Japanese is required. 

Case 3: The digital nomad 

Cassandra lives in Japan but frequently travels for her work. Most of her bills can be paid online, which is essential for when she's traveling. However, occasionally, some ward notice or bill comes in while she's abroad that must be paid at the local convenience store. 

💡 With 1-click, Cassandra can request to have bills paid on her behalf, ensuring she is always on top of bill payment. Or she can request translated summaries of ward notices or other Japanese correspondence. 

Case 4: The expat leaving Japan 

Kate is leaving Japan. The Japan Postal Service does not provide international mail forwarding. Kate has looked at some private company options. However, she wants to immediately assess each piece of mail and offload subsequent tasks—instead of dealing with international postal lag. 

💡 TokyoMate Mail gives Kate instant access to her Japanese mail, making sure she doesn't miss an important piece of correspondence ever again. 

How does it work? How do I sign up?

TokyoMate Mail's service provides you with your own physical mailing address in Tokyo, housed securely within TokyoMate HQ. 

We systematically scan your mail (outer envelope only) and upload it to our servers, so you can request to have your mail opened & scanned, translated, summarized, or settled—all with 1-click. 

Mail article gif _ magic

Here's a step-by-step for how to get started: 

Step 1. Request a consultation and then sign up! TokyoMate accepts all major credit cards, and payments are processed with Stripe.

Step 1: TokyoMate Mail

Step 2. Get your mail redirected to your new address, located within TokyoMate HQ.

Step 2: TokyoMate Mail

Step 3. *Ping!* You got mail! Log into your dashboard and with 1-click, you request for it to be opened, settled, or translated.

Step 3: TokyoMate Mail

Step 4. We do the work. You have 1 less thing to worry about.

Step 4: TokyoMate Mail

8 reasons business owners choose TokyoMate Mail

TokyoMate Mail Dashboard

So just to quickly recap what you get with TokyoMate’s virtual mailbox service in Japan... 

  1. Your own upscale virtual address, located in prime Tokyo real estate.

  2. Your business address, good for use on articles of incorporation, at the most competitive price available in Japan.*

  3. At your request, physical mail is opened and OCR-scanned.

  4. Everything stored in the cloud for easy access and forwarding to the key players in your team.

  5. With 1-click, request a translated summary of any letter or bills paid on your behalf. 

  6. Fully bilingual digital mailroom customer support to ease language concerns.

  7. With TokyoMate Assistant integration, offload Japanese mail to-dos to an assistant.

  8. No more hiding from or dreading Japanese-language mail. 

*New Mail plans will be unveiled in October 2021. In the meantime, save your spot on the waiting list or book yourself a demo ⬇ 

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