Software Updates #02: Auto-Open and Managing Subscriptions

Software Updates #02: Auto-Open and Managing Subscriptions

Hello, hello! It’s been over a month since our first-ever software update, and we’re aiming to make this regular because the updates keep rolling out… 🥰

(And for those geeky about the inner workings of a Tokyo startup, we just have to say: you cannot-should-not underestimate the wizardry of having the right CTO on your team who makes all of our updates possible!) 

In other TokyoMate news, for anyone who has been wondering about how to get the BEST outcomes with our Assistant service, our head assistant sat down with our content dev team and gave us this handy list of hacks, which is pretty much an etiquette guide for anyone working remote right now! 

All righty, enough chit-chat. Here’s the software update news: 

TokyoMate Mail: auto-open function

Previously, all our Mail users had to manually hit the “open it” button for each piece of received mail. 

And then an enterprising user suggested an “auto-open” feature that would allow Mail staff to automatically open each piece of mail as it comes in. 

Pretty soon the Auto-Open feature was born, which bypasses the need to request for your mail to be opened!

What this means for you: If you select the “Auto-Open Mail” option, TokyoMate Mail staff can now open any received mail on your behalf, and we won’t need to wait for you to go into the dashboard and manually press the open button for each item, which lets you take action quickly on important mail.

TokyoMate Mail: auto-open function

How to access this feature from the TKM dashboard: 

Go to Settings --> General section and scroll to the bottom. 

TokyoMate Assistant: manage your subscription from the dashboard

This section has been around for a while, but we’re featuring it here to explain the “Pause Subscription” button that is available for the TokyoMate Assistant service. 

What does it mean to “pause subscription”? Glad you asked! Life comes in seasons. There’s the busy season, and then the not-so-busy season. 

We’ve found that some of our users might want to pause the service during a not-so-busy season, which means, you’ll still have an account with us (we won’t erase your user info) but you will no longer be billed (and won’t get an allotment of hours). 

Whenever things pick back up and you need additional help, you can return to the Subscription section and un-pause the service. 

TokyoMate Assistant: manage your subscription from the dashboard

How to access this feature from the TKM dashboard: 

Go to Settings --> Billing

Stay tuned for regular software updates from here on out! Want to schedule a demo of our service? Request a consult here.

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