Restaurants with Terrace Seats in Roppongi

Restaurants with Terrace Seats in Roppongi

In Tokyo, you have to dig a bit to find the best restaurants with terrace seating, but just under the surface, there’s plenty of world-class restaurants and cafes that fit this bill. Here is a list of our favorite restaurants with terrace seats in Roppongi, Tokyo. Hope you enjoy it!

Ruby Jacks 

The same company that runs Two Rooms also runs this steak house. Our friend, who is somewhat of a steak connoisseur, says that the rib-eye steak here is one of the best. They also have great seafood. A nice outdoor seating area with big sofa tables is set in contemporary yet comfortable surroundings.


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The Ritz Carlton Café & Deli

The Ritz Carlton Café & Deli is located in the midtown terrace restaurant area along with a couple of other restaurants that are on our list. With a roof that covers the whole area, you can enjoy outdoor seating even when it’s raining. The Ritz Carlton's quality of food and drink will be instantly recognizable here and will certainly make for an unforgettable experience.


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French Kitchen 

Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, French Kitchen is located on the second floor of Grand Hyatt. Although it’s in the middle of Roppongi, it’s very quiet and peaceful. They have spacious sofa tables that make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the meal. Needless to say, the ood and drinks are mouth-watering and you'll keep coming back for more after your first visit.


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The Oak Door

Another restaurant in Grand Hyatt Roppongi, the Oak Door is suitable for lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. They have a wide selection on their menu that will be suitable for many different occasions. If you’re a steak fan, their meticulous process of selecting, cutting, seasoning, and grilling beef won’t disappoint you.


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Union Square Midtown

This is another great restaurant in Midtown Tokyo. The quality of food and service is equivalent to that of a 5-star hotel. It’s surrounded by beautiful trees and a park across the street. They had a recent renewal in March with a fresh menu. The calm yet vibrant atmosphere is suitable for both regular dinners as well as special occasions, or a casual lunch with friends.


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Balcón Tokyo

This restaurant is located on the 14th floor of a newly built hotel. It's a curation of all nice things in Roppongi. A beautiful night sky with Tokyo Tower in the background is viewable from the open and breezy balcony and there is a wide variety of modern dishes and unique cocktails on the menu. Hotel-like service and the soft ambiance make this place great for many occasions. They offer gluten-free and vegetarian options as well.


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Roku Nana (bar) Roppongi

To be honest, we would have preferred to keep this place a secret to ourselves because it’s very special. It doesn't come up often in the list of recommended bars in Tokyo, because very few people know about it. From the outside, it looks like a small ordinary apartment, if you go up to the second floor, however, it’s a totally different world. Terrace seats with a glass table and nice lighting make it a perfect choice for a special night. Drinks are prepared by experienced bartenders with amazing attention to detail. 


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Le Pain Quotidien 

This is a restaurant that is a great place to visit at any time of the day, especially if you are looking for a breakfast/brunch place in Tokyo. Their expertise is quality food that is simple, healthy, and fresh. Their bread uses only organic ingredients and dishes are full of fresh vegetables — a great start for your day.


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Mercer brunch

This Roppongi restaurant's specialty is a New York-style brunch. The modern, resort-like atmosphere is great for relaxing with your friends or partner over a late weekend breakfast. Be sure to try their modern American-style egg dishes or french toast. There is a limited number of terrace seats so it's a good idea to make a booking in advance.


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