Looking for a Translator or Interpreter in Tokyo? Here's a Better Option

Looking for a Translator or Interpreter in Tokyo? Here's a Better Option

Looking for a translator in Tokyo? Someone who can handle your Japanese vendor communication? Or your Japanese client communications for you?

There's an easier way than how you've been doing it up till now. From English-to-Japanese translation to Japanese-to-English interpretation, hiring a bilingual virtual assistant in Japan can help you navigate Japan with greater comfort and confidence.  

Here's how.

What you really need is a bilingual virtual assistant

Most translation services in Japan charge per word and are geared to academics or those who wish to translate book-length texts. What about when you simply want to know what some paper stuffed into your mailbox is saying? Or how to ask for specific prescriptions at the drugstore? 

TokyoMate is a bilingual virtual assistant service that will take care of tasks you want to delegate—including translation and interpretation.  

TokyoMate Mail’s winning combination

We’re even easier to use than a dedicated translation service because when you sign up for a TokyoMate Assistant plan, you already have a set number of hours that are yours to assign however you like.

There’s no further back and forth needed to confirm pricing or cents-per-word quotes for translation. You take a snapshot of the Japanese text, send it to your VA, and they text you an English liberal translation. 

Additionally, if you need in-person interpretation, that can also be arranged. Need someone to go with you to the city office or the bank? We can do that, too.

Here are the categories of often-requested Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese translation and interpretation requests—which we can handle for you. 

1. Translation of your Japanese physical mail. 

One of the best uses of our virtual assistant service is the TokyoMate Mail + Assistant integration.

Signing up for both services allows you to fully delight in what TokyoMate offers: A quick summary translation of your Japanese mail and subsequent handling of to-dos by TokyoMate’s Assistants.

Not only do you get your Japanese physical mail translated, but you also get to hand over tasks from your Mail to your Assistant.

Often requested translation tasks for Japanese physical mail:

  • electricity bill and water bill summary translation

  • summary translation of notifications from your bank

  • contracts

  • invoices

  • summary translation of messages from city office

  • summary translation of notices from the tax office, etc.

2. Help with Japanese business communications.

If you are setting up a business in Japan, this necessitates a certain measure of communications with Japanese suppliers, potential customers, and other individuals on your business horizon who might not speak English with ease.

Instead of limiting your business to English-only vendors and opportunities, you can use your TokyoMate Assistant to serve as your English-to-Japanese communication support.

Your Assistant can translate your English messages to Japanese and then translate the replies you will receive. 

Often requested business communication translation and interpretation:

  • 3-way calls and communications with Japanese clients

  • 3-way calls and communications with vendors

  • 3-way calls and communications with others in your business environment

  • website translation

  • contract translation

  • liaison with your Japanese on-the-ground staff, and more. 

3. Bilingual assistance for your Japanese research tasks. 

Your business’ next big move in Japan will be as successful as the information on which it is based.

The Japanese government has yet to standardize a system where all economic and industry reports are translated to English, creating large gaps in market knowledge and data sharing with foreign investors and English-speaking businesses.

Our assistants can summarize Japanese-language trade reports and data, providing your business with crucial information needed to pursue growth opportunities in Japan. 

Often-requested Japanese research tasks:

  • English summary of research on specific industries for market-entry purposes

  • latest market figures for specific industries

  • English summary of research on current market trends in Japan

  • local competitor research

  • research on grants and subsidies available to businesses like yours, etc. 

4. Bilingual help for your personal life Japanese to-dos. 

From travel arrangements to renewing memberships to clubs to booking your next dentist appointment and more—you likely have certain to-dos that require some Japanese to handle.

While your Japanese might be sufficient to take care of these pending tasks, you might tend to put them off in favor of more pressing or easier-to-handle concerns. The result: a cluttered mind.

Off-load your Japanese to-do list and free your mind to focus on your high-priority tasks and large-picture goals.

Often-requested personal life to-dos that require Japanese knowledge:

  • travel booking and research

  • research for latest visa requirements

  • research for best date-night experiences in Tokyo

  • finding a venue for hosting a personal or business event

  • booking catering, etc. 

Want a translator in Tokyo for you and your business?  

If you've been looking for an English to Japanese interpreter in Tokyo and want a straightforward plan for your English-to-Japanese or Japanese-to-English translation needs, hire a dedicated TokyoMate Assistant, and get the bilingual help you need. 

We offer a no-risk 30-day moneyback guarantee—we’re that confident you’ll be smitten.

I’m Ready!

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