Your Japan Starter Pack for Growing Your Business

Your Japan Starter Pack for Growing Your Business

Want a quick way to break into Japan’s market? Don’t speak a word of Japanese? We’ve got you covered.

This guide contains only the essential English-speaking services and businesses that will help your business get off to a rocking-good start in Japan. 

Here are our recommendations of services that are perfectly suited for the newly arrived business owner in Japan. 

Your Bilingual Real Estate Agents: is a bilingual real estate service in Tokyo, assisting clients with everything required to rent an apartment, find corporate housing for employees, and negotiate initial costs. They also serve as a go-between for clients and property managers. Additionally, they are present to assist with property viewing, the application process, and contract signing.’s bilingual agents speak English, French, and Japanese. They can help you purchase or sell a property in Japan. Their guidance is that of a concierge, advisor, and friend to help provide newcomers with a smooth transition into their new home.

Tel: 81 03-6434-5449

Contact form:

Your Bilingual Accountants: Minato Kokusai Accounting

MINATO Kokusai Accounting provides affordable and high-quality accounting and bookkeeping. They prepare tax filings for corporations and individual tax returns, along with consulting services for both. If you want a firm that provides these accounting services and legal guidance on establishing a corporation in Japan, this is a great choice. Their monthly bookkeeping plans start from ¥25,000; their tax preparation monthly plan starts from ¥15,000 for businesses. Find a complete list of plans and prices in Japanese here. A phone call or an email will get you the information in English. Or let a TokyoMate Assistant get you that information quickly.

Tel: +81-3-6280-5130

Contact: [email protected]

Your Mail Goes Digital: TokyoMate Mail

Get off to a great start by immediately solving your Japanese mail problem. TokyoMate Mail is a digital mail service that systematically scans your mail (outer envelope only) and uploads it to their servers, so you can request to have your mail opened & scanned, translated, summarized, or settled—all with 1-click. Sign up with this service, and you get a Tokyo-area postal code (physical) mailing address that you can also use as your virtual corporate office address. All mail is downloadable and text-searchable. And you access your mail through a private online dashboard. Can’t read Japanese? No worries. Get your mail translated and summarized with TokyoMate Mail. 

Tel: 03-4405-2795

Contact: [email protected]

Your Bilingual Assistants: TokyoMate Assistant

TokyoMate Assistant provides native Japanese business assistants, fluent in English, vetted by our tech founders, immediately available in Tokyo. The TokyoMate Assistant service is styled after five-star hotel concierge support to provide the foreign business owner with a ready-made staffing solution to their essential business needs. From helping you fill out Japanese-language forms to assisting you with customer follow-up and more. Save time and money on recruitment by using TokyoMate Assistants and get all the essential skills you need to run an efficient business in Japan. Our tech founders vet assistants through a rigorous 5-step screening process. Each plan comes with a no-risk 30-day moneyback guarantee. Customized plans are also available.

Tel: 03-4405-2795

Contact: [email protected]

Your Bilingual Receptionists: TokyoMate Receptionist

TokyoMate receptionist is your business phone number, staffed by native Japanese bilingual receptionists. Essentially, a live reception desk from 10AM to 6PM, receiving and redirecting calls, in English and Japanese. This Receptionist service allows you to overcome language challenges with fluently bilingual receptionists. You will be able to nurture leads with prospective clients and never miss a chance to make a beautiful impression. Handoffs and customer calls possible with TokyoMate’s Assistant integration. 

Tel: 03-4405-2795

Contact: [email protected]

Your International Social Club: Tokyo American Club

The Tokyo American Club’s physical facilities are world-class and include a roof-top pool, full-size gym, childcare center, spa, and bowling alley. The club, located in Minato-ku, is a gathering point for Tokyo’s international community with regular festivities, community events and celebrations, recreational activities, and cultural classes and courses. There are fitness programs, a Book Lovers’ Group, the Toastmasters Club, enrichment courses, and many other events that will invite you into the heart of Tokyo’s bustling and active international social scene, with close to 4,000 multi-national members.

Tel: 03-4588-0687

Contact: [email protected]

Want a recommendation for a bilingual lawyer? Or some other service that isn’t listed here? Please contact us at [email protected].

Interested in any of TokyoMate’s services listed above? 

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