5 of Our Favorite COVID-Safe Halloween Ideas for Tokyo 2020

5 of Our Favorite COVID-Safe Halloween Ideas for Tokyo 2020

Culturally, Japan is a newcomer to celebrating Halloween. Still, you wouldn’t be able to guess as much judging by shop windows and store posters emblazoned with witches and jack-o’-lanterns. 

More than the trick-or-treating, however, it is the costuming aspect that has boosted this holiday’s visibility here in Japan, most notably by Shibuya’s Halloween street party, where revelers come dressed as the latest from anime, manga, and other pop culture lore.

Shibuya’s Halloween street party

This year, officials have asked Halloween revelers to stay away from Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing due to COVID-19 concerns. So if you had plans to debut a costume or take in the sights, you might want to save that for another year. Nationwide, large events and gatherings are being discouraged to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Even so, your Tokyo 2020 Halloween does not have to be boring.

There are opportunities to explore while staying mindful of COVID-19 prevention strategies.  We’ve gathered a selection of our favorite Halloween-themed dining, drinks, accommodations, and more for creating a memorable Halloween in Tokyo—all while staying safe yourself and keeping your party friends safe, too.

Here are 5 types of COVID-safe Halloween celebration ideas for you to consider…

1. Looking for a Halloween-themed luxury hotel stay…

The Halloween Fair at Royal Park Hotel 

Halloween Fair at Royal Park Hotel

For the entire month of October, the Royal Park Hotel has designed a full array of Halloween-themed culinary offerings, from a themed lunch (¥3,630) and dinner menu (¥4,840) to a Halloween cocktail hour in their lobby (¥1,936), where adult guests can play trick-or-treat.

Other special services include a themed teatime spread (¥4,840), along with a decorated space for Instagramable memories. The hotel also offers a Halloween stay, with some Halloween cookies and sweets included in the accommodations price. A ready-made plan for those who want a luxury hotel stay to accompany a gastronomic-centered Halloween.

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2. Planning an evening of drinks with friends or a memorable date…

TwentyEight, CONRAD Hotels & Resorts

CONRAD Hotels & Resorts

Situated on the 28th floor, overlooking Minato and downtown Tokyo, TwentyEight is the go-to bar and lounge for when you want sleek, modern ambiance with your cocktails. A 7-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station, it features an 8-meter high ceiling, which creates the opportunity for an elevated view of Tokyo’s city lights, lighting up the night sky. The bar is open from 5 PM; live music starts from 8 PM.

They offer a variety of Halloween-themed courses available when you book, but the real reason you’re here is for the stunning views, so make a reservation to lock-in a window seat for your evening. Various courses are available, with Amuse Bouche (¥10,665) their most popular. Or choose TwentyEight’s Signature Dish, their Premium Caviar & Half Bottle of Champagne (¥26,000).

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3. Hosting a private Halloween party for just your close friends…

SpaceMarket Party Room

Spicemarket Party Room

Get your close friends together and watch a spooky film because #Spooktober is not the same without watching a horror classic at least once (or maybe twice). Or throw a costumed murder mystery party with themed cocktails and aperitifs. Companies like SpaceMarket provide rentable halls, lodging, and party rooms downtown where you can bring drinks, party food, entertainment—and your friends.

Depending on the space you reserve, your party room might come equipped with a Karaoke machine, Wi-Fi, Nintendo Switch consoles, and a Netflix-streaming flat screen. Book by the hour or reserve a space for a whole day. Prices vary depending on the location and the amenities included. Expect between ¥3,000 to ¥8,000 per hour or approx. ¥40,000 to book a full day.

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4. Searching for a 1-day Halloween-themed getaway…

Shinobi No Sato Ninja Village

Shinobi No Sato Ninja Village

The Ninja Village is an excellent option if you have kids and want to do something other than Tokyo Disneyland this Halloween season. At Shinobi No Sato Ninja Village in Yamanashi Prefecture, not only will you get to dress up as a ninja, but you can also take in a ninja show, solve a mystery in a traditional Japanese house, master ninja throwing stars, and eat at their samurai-themed restaurant.

If you don’t have kids, but you do have a friend who is game for new experiences, be sure to bring them along. You will want that extra set of hands for the premium photo opportunities that this day trip provides.

Bonus: you get a clear view of Mt. Fuji against the backdrop of the ninja village’s Japanese-styled gardens, so if you tire from ninja training, you can use the time to capture selfies with Japan’s highest mountain peak (3,776 ft.). Entrance fee: ¥1,800 (additional charges for costume rental and other additions). 

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5. In the mood for fine steak + Halloween + Oaktoberfest

Halloween OAKtober Fest on the Terrace, the Oak Door at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Halloween OAKtober Fest on the Terrace, the Oak Door at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

If the other options were not the right fit for you, here is our final selection: The Oak Door in Roppongi, on the 6th Floor of Grand Hyatt Tokyo. On select dates (October 23–25, 30, 31), customers arriving in costume who book the “Halloween OAKtober Fest on the Terrace” get 10 percent off their bill. Additionally, there is a best-dressed contest with the winner taking home a gift. So if you are in the mood to go in costume or prefer to enjoy other guests’ Halloween costumes discreetly, this is a great opportunity.

The terrace dining allows you to maximize the enjoyment of some crisp fall evening air. The OAKtober menu’s Halloween offerings include a “Graveyard Tuna Poke” and a “Poison Apple Pie.” But the wagyu kalbi ribs are the standout element, expertly seasoned and handled to let each bite shine (¥6,800–¥7,900). Dinner hours begin at 6 PM.

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Note: Please refer to each venue’s official website for the details of their COVID-19 prevention strategies.

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